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About This Project
  • Developed the business model
  • Branding / Office / CID / Website & Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Chatbot
  • Social Media Campaign management

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About iChoices

A new generation business contact centre providing outsourcing solutions in a rapidly transforming digital world. iChoices provides a new product service lineup, offering clients additional service options, tools and products to help them manage their brand’s reputations, while gaining market share in an ever increasing competitive climate.

Our propriety-owned service model is split up into 4 key service areas:

iChoices has a heritage spanning more than three decades with expertise in the outsourcing and management of inbound, outbound and blended contact centre environments. We are specialists in the outsourcing of customer service, back office, client retention, lead generation, sales, reputation management & brand growth.

iChoices is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP) and the group has a BBBEE rating of level 1.

As one of the largest contact centre outsourcers in South Africa, iChoices has a strong focus on quality stats-driven insight analytics & enabling clients to navigate profitably their business & brands. Our dedication to service excellence gives us the ability to operate as an extension of our clients’ brands with the purpose of bringing them closer to their customers profitably