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About MCP Insight

MCP Scanner offers Content Provider and Affiliate clients qualitative data on market trends and monitors for compliance issues and fraud. Underpinned by MCP’s award winning VeriScanner technology, the Scanner package includes:

  • Advertising Monitoring & Compliance Alerts
  • Fraud Monitoring
  • Service Tests and Compliance Reports
  • Brand Performance and Ad Campaign Tracking
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Top 10 Market Services and Brands
  • Payment Flow Information

With the proliferation of attacks on payment platforms, Mobile Operators and Aggregators need to engage with fraud and service issues beyond basic Due Diligence & Risk Control levels. Our Network Operator and Billing Aggregator Package MCP Net, allows our clients to access crucial data around compliancy issues in an efficient and convenient format so that these can be rectified as quickly as possible. Formerly, known as GoVerifyIt, MCP Verify is a flexible and robust third-party verification solution providing our customers with a full audit trail of a users’ journey on your site, no matter the device. It logs the terms reviewed by the user along with proof of the user’s consent. MCP Insight’s bespoke Fraud Detection and Fraud Blocking Solution MCP Shield provides real-time fraud detection and blocking with an intuitive analytics portal and a simple implementation process. The tool operates by detecting unexpected changes and actions on your service landing or payment page. It determines whether a payment request is legitimate or fraudulent by monitoring the activity of the alleged consumer and by logging whether the consent is bot or human in a transaction assessment. MCP Shield provides the information you need to decide whether or not to block a service.